Come pack the court on September 10 as pretrial begins for the ACAC 19!  The ACAC 19 are comrades who were arrested at an anti-colonial, anti-capitalist demonstration on Columbus day weekend last year.  This is the last chance to pressure the DA to drop charges before trial.  Pack the court from 9am – 4pm.  Rally in front of the courthouse at noon.  Bring signs, court allowable attire and solidarity!  Even though a year has passed, comrades are still facing a slew of charges and it appears that the DA is intent on bringing them to trial.  The state would like nothing more than to quietly convict and punish opponents of its colonial, capitalist rule.  Don’t let them!  The ACAC 19 need your support.

As the ACAC 19 prepare for trial, keep an eye out for updates, articles, and actions opposing and confronting capitalism, colonialism, all forms of oppression and the political repression that comes with these fights.