Gather on the SF court house steps this Friday at Noon to support the ACAC 19! Our comrades will be in court for what will likely be the pivotal pretrial day that could be the final before a trial date is set. Please join the ACAC 19 support committee in an anti-repression rally and speakout over the Friday lunch hour and show your solidarity with our comrades.

Friday March 29, 12:00-1:00PM
850 Bryant St. San Francisco

ACAC_Mar29This will be an important day in court for the Anti-colonial, Anti-capitalist (ACAC) 19 and those comrades who are interested in observing and listening to the full day of pretrial hearings put forth by their attorneys are encouraged to do so. However, the ACAC 19 support committee is not calling for comrades to pack the court for this specific date. Many thanks to all who made last month’s court date an impressive display of solidarity. Let’s return to the steps of the court house in even greater numbers this Friday at lunch and make sure the judge, the DA and the cops know that we have our comrade’s backs and that they are far from alone in their struggle against colonialism, capitalism and the state.

Bring banners, signs, buttons and more. Solidarity is our weapon against the state! Our love for our comrades is stronger than their cages and their courts!

Fax/Call the DA: For those unable to make the Friday rally & speakout, we encourage you to flood the phone and fax machine of the SF district attorney’s office throughout this week demanding they immediately drop all charges against the ACAC 19 and end their campaign of repression. Please see this previous guide for calling and faxing suggestions.

Background: The ACAC 19 is a group of anti-colonial, anti-capitalists who were beaten, arrested and then subjected to a media smear campaign by the San Francisco Police Department on October 6, 2012. The arrests occurred during a series of demonstrations on Columbus Day weekend against colonization and empire, as well as the racist celebrations of genocide and conquest. The actions were organized in solidarity with indigenous struggles in the Bay Area and beyond and to mark the eleven-year anniversary of the Afghanistan war and occupation. The police and DA have worked to make an example out of the ACAC 19, issuing sloppy and accusatory press releases, confiscating their cell phones, bringing the gang task force into the investigation, subpoenaing twitter accounts, and harassing individual members of the 19 since their brutal arrests. In the wake of rebellious and militant political activity across the country, we see this as one of many attempts to control, intimidate, and silence radical movements.

The ACAC 19 are currently facing multiple misdemeanor charges ranging from unlawful assembly to battery on a uniformed officer.

For more information on the ACAC 19 please visit the support committee’s blog at: